Evidence Based Management

Learning Objective 6: Instill confidence in your ability to manage acute to chronic presentations of LBP following evidence based practice

The infographic below by YLM Sports Science, summarizes an article by O’Sullivan and Lewis, 2018 challenging the approach to managing people with non-traumatic musculoskeletal pain [1].

Full access to the original article can be found here.

Darlow and O’Sullivan, 2016 published a paper in the British Journal of Sports Medicine highlighting the prevailing myths guiding the management of back pain in sport [2].

This infographic summarizes the key points. Full credit to YLM Sports Science for creation of the graphic.

In this brief BJSM podcast, Dr Kieran O’Sullivan discusses how clinicians can be more effective in managing low back pain.

In this BJSM podcast, Prof. Peter O’Sullivan presents his take on the management of two cases of chronic, and acute, back pain.

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